Yongjian Shen, male, born in February 1963, Chinese citizen with no right of abode in any foreign country, bachelor degree, first-level project manager, senior energy auditor, national first-level registered constructor, a member of Shenzhen Futian Talents. Now he is the Vice Chairman and Vice President of the AOTO, and the director of Shenzhen Goldlamp Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd.

Former Positions:

  • Vice Chairman of County Construction Bank in Jianhu country, Jiangsu province

  • Vice President of Shenzhen Gold Lighting Co., Ltd.

  • The chairman of Shenzhen Goldlamp Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd.

Social Organization Participation:

  • Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Illuminating Engineering Society;

  • Vice Chairman of Shenzhen City Illuminating Engineering Society;

  • Vice President of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Engineers Association;

  • Deputy Director of Lighting System Construction and Operation Committee of China Lighting Society;

  • Deputy Director of Outdoor Lighting Committee of China Lighting Society;

  • Specialized expert in Institute of Photonics of Dalian Polytechnic University.

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