• Structural Technician
    Shenzhen At least 1 years of relevant working experience Bachelor degree or above 1 people 5 days ago updated

Shenzhen AOTO Electronics Co., Ltd.-GTEK


Research and Development Dept


1. Male, 24-28 years old, bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design and production and automation related fields, with at least 1 year relevant working experience;
2. Proficient in using CAD and PRO/E software to label engineering drawings and simple structural design;
3. Strong practical ability, able to assist engineers to complete BOM and follow up production of sample materials;
4. love technology work, have strong ability of self-study, search for new knowledge and new technology and has the strong desire and ability to accept;
5. Prudent, practical, career-minded, good team spirit and professional quality, able to work steadily for a long time;
6. Have certain writing skills and be able to prepare operating instructions; Excellent graduates are also considered.


5th floor, Building D1, TCL High Tech Park, No.1001 Zhongshanyuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China