ISE 2024: What Cutting-Edge Technologies Will AOTO Unveil?

10 | 01 | 2024

As the Barcelona ISE 2024 exhibition approaches on January 30th, AOTO is gaining widespread attention. It is fully equipped with its arsenal of avant-garde technologies, prepared to showcase its prowess at this globally renowned digital technology extravaganza. What technological innovations will AOTO present to the audience? Let's delve into it one by one. 

Technological Leap: Shaping the Future of Innovation
AOTO Electronics is set to launch the industry's smallest pixel pitch, Micro 0.2, at ISE 2024. This poses a formidable challenge to LED display technology and represents the pinnacle of future display technology. This cutting-edge technology is poised to captivate the entire exhibition, delivering unprecedented digital wonders to the audience. What sets it apart? Let's unveil its uniqueness together at the event. Simultaneously, AOTO continues to drive the development of MIP technology. At the exhibition, AOTO will showcase the CV series products featuring the new MIP technology, presenting another technological spectacle. The rise of this technology foreshadows the mainstream trends in the future market. What remarkable technological features does it offer? The anticipation is palpable.

New Products: Pioneering the Digital Future
During the exhibition, AOTO will unveil two new products. One is tailored for Stage rental applications, providing an exceptional solution. This product adopts a flexible and versatile curvature design, breaking free from traditional structural constraints. It incorporates high-performance MINI display technology, seamlessly compatible with the RM series, delivering smooth and seamless splicing effects. Its unique design and technological combination provide the rental market with more choices. The other product is designed specifically for virtual production applications, representing AOTO's cutting-edge technology in this field. It combines small pixel pitch technology with a vast color gamut, breaking away from traditional scan line constraints, and offering users an unparalleled sensory experience. 

Innovative Solutions: Intelligent Interactive Experience 
AOTO showcases a series of remarkable innovations in the solution domain. Through a meticulously designed live experience area, it authentically reproduces High-end Cinema scenes, displaying a solution that has undergone rigorous DCI certification testing. Audiences will personally experience a cinematic feast, immersing themselves in the subtle details of the cinematic world. Concurrently, AOTO demonstrates its digital interactive solution, seamlessly integrating transparent screens with AI digital human technology. Utilizing natural language processing (NLP) and AI technology, this solution finds extensive applications in customer service, and information provision, marking another breakthrough in the field of digital interaction, ushering in a technological revolution for future interactive experiences. 
Furthermore, AOTO introduces the all-new XR/VP solution, where the compact XR studio solution breaks free from spatial constraints, significantly reducing costs, and offering customers a more economical and immersive virtual reality experience. Viewers can freely navigate through a virtual environment filled with realism, heralding a new era of virtual reality. In the VP studio solution domain, AOTO collaborates with partners, such as Brompton Technology, VP-NORDIC, and MO-SYS to integrate virtual engines, 3D rendering, and camera tracking, providing customers with a comprehensive one-stop digital creation solution, and injecting fresh vitality into the film industry. This series of innovative solutions underscores AOTO's technological prowess in this field.

As ISE 2024 approaches, booth 3D200 at AOTO promises to showcase more astonishing cutting-edge technologies, unveiling how technology is poised to reshape the future. Additionally, the highly anticipated release of AOTO's remarkable new products represents the latest achievements in the digital domain, offering an unparalleled digital experience and leading the charge in technological innovation.

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