AOTO Multiple System Solution Unveiled at LED China

09 | 09 | 2020

The 17th LED China exhibition has been officially opened on 1st Sep. Being the benchmark of the global LED industrial chain and the first professional international exhibition since COVID-19, LED China Shenzhen has attracted visitors from different industries. At this time, AOTO brings its advanced solutions for multiple applications.



The front of the booth is the showcase of AOTO intelligent control room solution, which uses the Mini 1.5 as the main screen. Integrated with AOTO intelligent vision platform, visual command & dispatch system, and city management platform, this solution highly increases the efficiency by precise data collection, decision management, and city management. Also, AOTO intelligent control room solution was adopted at Shenzhen 40th Anniversary Light Show in 2018 for the first time and has received the wide range of attention in the domestic market soon. Recently, AOTO intelligent control room will be widely applied in Zhuhai, Guangdong province.



The conference room solution on the left is the place where most visitors gather in the entire booth. Large numbers of exhibitors wrote and drew pictures on the screen and experienced the interactive function of AOTO latest CV intelligent ALL-IN-ONE conference room solution. Adding a new value to customers’ benefits, AOTO newly released CV series has been regarded as the most economically-friendly Mini LED product so far. Integrated with electronic whiteboards, scanning sharing, and remote control, CV ALL-IN-ONE solution is flexible and increases the meeting efficiency. On the basis of the technical merits of Mini LED, the CV Series offers more stable function performance and uncompromised visual effects. With the dual backup system and EMC Class A, the product is highly stable and reliable. The visual performance is also significantly facilitated by the technologies of AOTO exclusive Mini LED, HDR Boost, Moiré Reduction, and 110% NTSC ultra-wide color gamut, etc.


Creative shape splicing is also the highlight of AOTO. At this time, AOTO two products fully interpret innovation and flexibility. The arc above the corner on the right side of the booth is AOTO C series, and the right-angle stitching below is Mini1.5. The C series is extremely lightweight and can be splicing into multiple shapes. The biggest highlight is that only 6 sets of cabinets can form a 0.92M circular display, which overcomes the problems of excessively large flexible screen gaps on the market and uneven appearance caused by discontinuous splicing surfaces. It is a high-quality creative display solution. The Mini series is generally used for the construction of right-angle application. The high brightness fully guarantees the stunning image quality. With 1.5mm pixel pitch, the screen is robust and reliable. Currently, AOTO Mini 1.5 product has been successfully applied in Hong Kong International Airport and Singapore Changi Airport.


As a company that has experienced 27 years’ development and challenge, AOTO always focuses on customer relationships and product quality. AOTO will still firmly insists on technology-oriented development direction and provide better service and product to customers worldwide.

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