AOTO at InfoComm 2024: Leading the Way with Groundbreaking AI+Visual Innovations

17 | 06 | 2024



Las Vegas, June 12-14, 2024– InfoComm 2024 kicked off in grand style, and AOTO Electronics showcased its groundbreaking AI+ visual products and solutions, capturing the attention of numerous professionals and industry insiders.






MetaBox XR Solution: Perfect for Virtual Studios

The MetaBox solution is a high-value immersive XR solution that integrates augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies. It delivers realistic AI+XR virtual scenes in real-time, providing users with an unprecedented immersive experience.







Corporate XR Studio Solution: A One-Stop New Experience

AOTO's latest Corporate XR Studio solution combines LED displays, AI-powered camera auto-tracking, automatic lighting tracking systems, and XR virtual extensions. Compared to traditional XR studios, this solution offers significant advantages in cost, space utilization, and value, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes undergoing digital transformation.







Smart Classroom Solution: Revolutionizing Interactive Learning

The smart classroom solution integrates AI information technology to intelligently combine physical and digital spaces, enabling natural interaction between people and the environment. This innovation enhances the entire learning process, promoting a fully intelligent and interactive educational experience.







Advanced XR Control System: Precision and Stability in Display Management

The ATLVC-X4 Control System is a robust and efficient control system designed for AOTO’s virtual production, XR studio, and MetaBox digital studio solutions. It provides professional video output settings, perfectly resolving issues like scan lines and flicker during filming.

The 2K/4K/8K Control System is another professional control system from AOTO, tailored to meet high-resolution display needs. It offers high color depth and wide color gamut, ensuring rich colors and clear details.







Cutting-Edge Product Showcase: Leading the New Wave of Display Technology

At InfoComm 2024, AOTO also showcased other cutting-edge products, including the MIP series, SW series, and RM series. The MIP series features new AI energy-saving technology, significantly reducing power consumption while enhancing color and black consistency. The SW series is designed for the rental market, offering quick installation and efficient operation. The RM series is a flagship product for virtual production and XR studios.






Celebrating 10 Years of AOTO USA with a Special Happy Hour

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of AOTO USA, we will host a Happy Hour during the exhibition. We invite our industry partners to join us in reflecting on past achievements and looking forward to future developments.



At InfoComm 2024, AOTO not only demonstrated its strong technical capabilities and innovative prowess but also declared its confidence and commitment to the future of the AI+ visual industry to the world.






About AOTO

AOTO is a global leader in the LED display industry, providing top-tier visual solutions for digital advertising, broadcasting, and virtual production. With a commitment to technological innovation and market leadership, AOTO continues to expand its influence and product offerings across various industries worldwide.

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