INTER BEE 2023|AOTO LED virtual production Solution Gets Attention

18 | 11 | 2023

INTER BEE 2023 Japan was grandly held on November 15-17 at Makuhari Messe, Japan. As a global leader in intelligent video solutions, AOTO brought its exciting LED virtual production solutions to the event, inviting partners such as Toei , Brompton, ARRI, KOTO and experiences with attendees, providing a close-up experience of the charm of virtual production and attracting high attention from on-site audiences and professional attendees.









In today's era of continuous digital innovation, LED virtual production technology has become an important integrated technology in the film, TV, and advertising industries, and is beginning to be explored and developed in different fields, making it one of the hot topics in the industry. AOTO, as a pioneer in the field of LED virtual production, has undertaken over 60 medium and large LED virtual studio projects worldwide, making it a popular exhibit at this year's event.


AOTO's LED virtual production solution display area was one of the most popular exhibits at INTER BEE 2023. It used the AOTO RM series product as an LED display screen, combining virtual reality technology and physical displays to create a highly immersive visual experience for viewers. The XR solution display area used LED display screens and green screen contrast filming technology, allowing actors to be placed in any background to create a variety of different scenes and atmospheres. This not only greatly improves the flexibility and diversity of the studio, but also provides a more realistic viewing experience for the audience.




In addition, AOTO also invited nine partner companies to its LED virtual production solution exhibit to share trends in LED virtual production technology development and stories of collaboration with AOTO, which received a warm response from attendees and provided them with a more comprehensive and clear understanding of AOTO's LED virtual production solution technology level and application prospects. In addition to showcasing LED virtual production solutions, AOTO also exhibited new products such as MIP, COB, GOB, and the industry-leading Micro LED 0.3, all of which received attention from attendees.





As a rapidly developing emerging technology in recent years, LED virtual production technology has significant advantages and driven by rapid technological iteration and demand innovation, LED virtual production solutions may become the rising star in fields such as film, television, advertising, live broadcasts, and press conferences. As a pioneer in the field of LED virtual filming, AOTO will continue to provide customers with more comprehensive and professional solutions and more convenient and efficient service experience to promote the rapid development of the industr


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