AOTO Brings Cutting-Edge Rental New Products and XR/VP Virtual Production to LDI SHOW 2023 in the U.S.

20 | 10 | 2023

AOTO will participate in LDI SHOW 2023 in Las Vegas from December 3-5, 2023, It's the most large-scale stage lighting and sound technology exhibition in the United States. We will bring our competitive XR/VP Virtual Production and solutions and cutting-edge rental new products to LDI SHOW, and again show the audience AOTO's scientific and technological achievements and product solutions.




Indoor/Outdoor Rental Products

AOTO will bring the much-anticipated cutting-edge rental new products RM Series and SW Series to this exhibition. RM series is undoubtedly AOTO's star product, which has 1/6 lowest scanning number, 7680Hz refresh rate, 99.6% DCI-P3 color gamut, and low reflectivity that effectively reduces the influence of other external light, the RM series not only provides clear and lifelike display effect, but also possesses outstanding color reproduction and viewing angle effects.




The SW series not only has a stunning display effect, but also features 6000:1 high contrast, 6000nits high brightness, and 7680Hz high refresh rate to show more high dynamic details and enhance the overall visual impact of the stage. In addition, the SW series supports arc and 90-degree mounting, and the box design combines carbon fiber + high-strength die-cast aluminum, which is lightweight and sturdy, while enabling quick installation and easier maintenance, providing a stable and efficient solution for the outdoor rental market.




XR/VP Virtual Production 

On the exhibition site, AOTO will show the latest XR/VP studio and Virtual Production and TV solution, which integrates the virtual engine, 3D rendering, camera tracking, digital content assets, and other technologies to provide customers with a full-process solution. In addition, we can provide our customers with more and more comprehensive shooting options and an immersive virtual production experience by using XR/VP studio to extend the screen to the unexpected area of the LED screen through the screen extension technology to create an unlimited extension of the virtual space.



As a provider of intelligent video solutions, AOTO continues to deepen its technology, focus on global business layouts, promote the development of the LED display industry, and contribute to the continuous development of stage lighting and sound technology. We look forward to witnessing the unveiling of these technological achievements with you at LDI USA 2023.


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