AOTO CV-MIP series at IBC 2023: bringing an unimaginable visual feast

09 | 10 | 2023

The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands from September 15-18, 2023. AOTO made an impressive appearance at the event with its CV-MIP series, showcasing its prowess in high-end commercial displays, command centers, transportation hubs, and other applications.



Discover the Ultimate in High-Definition Visuals: CV-MIP Series by AOTO


The CV-MIP series boasts new packaging technology and smaller LED chips, making it possible to achieve smaller point spacing and higher resolution. It also uses independent light-emitting units, which improve product yield and reduce maintenance costs. With a thickness of only 38mm, the CV-MIP series saves space and provides a non-glare, non-reflective, and non-moire display effect with its AOTO-developed high-polymer black nano-coating. 


The series has a high contrast ratio of 12000:1 and a wide color gamut range of 110% NTSC, providing an ultimate visual experience for users. The CV-MIP series is ideal for high-end conference rooms, 4K home theaters, industrial design, monitoring centers, high-end retail, airports, and other applications.




AOTO and Gargantua team up to make an appearance at the exhibition.


 In addition to the release of the CV-MIP series, the XR live broadcasting room created by Gargantua, a subsidiary of AOTO, became another highlight of the show. The Meta Box created by Gargantua stands out for its small size and lightweight and can be applied in many fields such as advertising shooting, live broadcasting, press conferences, games, etc., to achieve various imaginative scenarios at low cost, thereby creating more stunning visual effects.



In addition to the amazing XR live broadcasting room, AOTO also used the C1.8 and CV136 intelligent all-in-one machines to set up a high-end broadcasting studio scene on site, creating a realistic interactive environment for the host and guests, allowing the audience who values real communication experiences to participate in it.




Raise a Glass to AOTO's 30th Anniversary at the "Happy Hour" 


This exhibition coincides with the 30th anniversary of AOTO's establishment. The company carefully organized a wonderful "Happy Hour" event on the exhibition site, attracting enthusiastic participation from many attendees.


Continuously innovating and leading the future industry development direction. Through this IBC exhibition, AOTO once again demonstrated its outstanding strength and innovation capabilities in the LED display technology field to the world. In the future, AOTO will continue to work hard, innovate continuously, bring more high-quality products to global users, and lead the industry development.


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