AOTO and its key U.S. partner celebrated the successful conclusion of GE's "The Lean Mindset" event

08 | 10 | 2023



September 6th was a day to remember! Our highly valued U.S. partner orchestrated a monumental event for General Electric, aptly named "The Lean Mindset" - an extraordinary high-end business gathering. Our RM series products once again shined at the event, providing attendees with an immersive visual experience.




On the day of the event, the Chairman and CEO of GE and CEO of GE Aerospace explored the close relationship between lean mindsets and leadership alongside senior executives from some of the world’s most innovative companies, successful entrepreneurs, and champion athletes in New York City.




Event site, The CEOs of Ford, Uber, and PG&E, the renowned psychologist and author Carol Dweck, and NBA legend Giannis Antetokounmpo were among the speakers at the “Lean Mindset” event who explained how their competitive advantage derives from a dedication to continuous improvement. In six hours, they were able to cover a lot of ground.




Several additional speakers were featured at the event, including Super Bowl champion quarterback Peyton Manning, Ingersoll Rand Chairman, President, and CEO Vicente Reynal, chef and restaurateur Wolfgang Puck, Dr. Tomislav Mihaljevic and Dr. Lisa Yerian from the Cleveland Clinic, New York City Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh, U.S. Navy Admiral William Lescher, and film director David Gelb.




Undoubtedly, this event has achieved huge success, and we are also grateful that our partners have chosen our product.





Feel the Thrill of Excellence - AOTO RM Series: Unmatched Display Superiority!



 This professional XR/VP LED display screen has been used in over 60 large-scale high-end VP virtual production studios worldwide, including the well-known Tencent studio in China, Xon studio in Korea, and Vossler in the United States. It has excellent display quality, low reflectivity, high refresh rate, professional anti-Moiré effect, wide viewing angle, accurate color gamut matching, and has won multiple international awards such as the NAB Award in the United States, the AV Award in Europe, and the If Design Award in Germany. 





We are honored to provide product support for this event. AOTO will continue to provide advanced technology and high-quality service to more customers, develop more top-level custom LED display screen products, and look forward to more cooperation with our partners in the future.

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