Mini LED Grand AOTO|AOTO Debuted at 2019 ISLE

04 | 03 | 2019

On 3rd March, 2019, the latest International Signs & LED Exhibition, Guangzhou ("ISLE") was grandly opened at the Guangzhou Canton Fair. ISLE is a domestic high-quality advertising logo and LED industry platform, which has great influence in the advertising logo industry and LED application industry.


As the world's leading provider of total LED application solutions, AOTO Electronics presented the latest Mini LED products and solutions to ISLE. With a booth area of 229sqm, we have ample space to display a wide range of products and technologies. With the stylish atmosphere of the booth design, gorgeous LED display products and professional solutions, AOTO was eye-catching, and the customers who come to negotiate are endless.



Mini LED to support Big Airport turntable

AOTO exhibited our latest Mini product CLD136ES1.5 with a pitch of 1.5mm and a display size of 136 inches, which can be applied on the airport baggage carousel area. The product adopts AOTO’s Mini LED technology, with smaller LED crystal particles, more stable overall screen robustness, better sealing and optical design, and solves the problem of ultra-small pitch LED display screen damage and COB products completely. It perfectly matches the requirements of the corresponding scene of the airport. At present, the technology has obtained more than 30 patents worldwide.



Creative design to attract attention


AOTO has set up an arched screen and column screen with our M2.5C display at the booth. M2.5C is our fine pitch ultra-high-definition product. It adopts the leading 8K control technology and 24-bit color processing depth, combined with point-by-point correction technology to obtain the brightness consistency of the whole screen and the most accurate color reproduction. The cabinet is made of all-aluminum structure, which is extremely light in weight and can be seamlessly spliced at right angles for a perfect transition. The arched screen and the pillar screen are not only eye-catching, but also vivid and vivid. They are used in many scenes such as Guangzhou and Hong Kong train stations.




Professional solution to meet personalized needs

AOTO Electronics always pays much attention to the transportation industry. AOTO brings a professional solution for airline display with our CLD series products. The entire ranges of indoor and outdoor products are fan-less, have an all-aluminum structure and a unique thermal design to ensure indoor quiet operation and high temperature use. At the same time, the entire screen passed the EMC test to meet the security requirements. It can be applied to large transportation areas such as airports and high-speed railway stations.



2019ISLE witnessed AOTO's new exploration in the development and application of Mini LED technology. In the future, AOTO Electronics will continue to invest in the research and development of Mini LED, and actively explore more commercial application areas of Mini LED. 2019 is known as the first year of Mini LED mass application in the industry. It is also the beginning of AOTO Electronics' promotion of Mini LED products and technology around the concept of “Mini LED, Grand AOTO”. AOTO Electronics will adhere to the core values, like innovation-driven, technology-first and Service-oriented, to lead the industry forward.

About AOTO Electronics

AOTO Electronics Co, Ltd. (AOTO) is a diversified holding company registered in Shenzhen, China.
There are three key strategic business units, highest quality LED display, banking electronics and lighting engineering.
Over the years we have grown into a world-leading LED application provider, offering a complete line of indoor and outdoor direct view LED display products. We are also proud that we were the first publicly held company in the LED display industry in China (Shenzhen Stock Exchange: 002587).


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