AOTO Electronics Hosts a Spectacular

09 | 04 | 2019

On 8th April 2019, the well-known Electronic Media Exhibition, NAB show was held in Las Vegas, America. As one of the most prestigious electronic communication exhibitions in the world, a large number of high-end industry brands were displayed, attracting 166 countries around the world, 1800 exhibitors as well as over 102000 industry audiences.


AOTO Electronics, as a leading global LED display solution provider and industrial innovator, brought the latest Mini LED technology, various product lines and impressive solutions to the show.



In this year, the new Mini LED that from AOTO is concerned by the public. Compared with other products, AOTO’s Mini LED is highly technological, which far surpass the industry average level. 

It solves the vulnerable issues of normal Fine Pitch products, COB on-site maintenance problem, as well as the color inconformity with its smaller LED crystal particles, more solid screen and highly integrated 4-in-1 Mini LED packaging technology etc.,


More importantly, AOTO's Mini LED technology owns over 30 patents worldwide. Many customers are extremely interested in the products because of the latest technology, brand guarantee and patents.



Furthermore, the new LED control system that introduced by AOTO Electronics is noticeable at the exhibition. The ATLVC of AOTO mainly used for TV studio, stage industry, monitoring room and so on. And it can support 2K, 4K and 8K control with its 24-bit processing depth, all these contribute to multi-screen without switch.


As for The AOTO’s CLD series product, it targets the inherent defects of LCD and DLP products with its high saturation, high contrast and the high refresh rate, which also perfectly matches the display needs of radio and television industry, and brings excellent display effect and zero noise operation environments for indoor applications. Besides, flat and arc connection devices also meet the splicing requirements of different shapes.



The NAB show has witnessed AOTO’S ongoing technological innovation and application creation every year. AOTO Electronics will continue to do a deep research in Mini LED and other products in 2019, creating diverse LED display applications and satisfying the multiple needs of TV studio etc. At the same time, the company will constantly promoted global business and achieve the market layout around world. 

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