AOTO Simplifies Your Shopping Experience at Doha Galeries!

24 | 04 | 2019

Recently, AOTO Electronics has successfully joined the Galeries Lafayette Doha project. Doha is the capital and most popular city of the State of Qatar. With a population of 2.5 million and huge annual footfall, the State of Qataris the fastest growing city in the world per GDP and continues to evolve into a global retail and hospitality destination. Those predominant conditions provide Galeries Lafayette Doha with extremely positive support and high focus around the whole Country.


Galeries Lafayette Doha will be located within the newly developed Katara Avenue at the heart of Katara Cultural Village, home to a thriving and bustling cultural scene. In this project, AOTO Electronics provided M2C LED displays that are used for each floor’s billboard and floor guide. Standing in an eye-catching position, these M2C LED displays present informative guidance and vivid advertisement image, which bring customers with unique experience.



AOTO’s fine pitch HD M2X LED adopts the 8K control technology and 24 bit color processing depth, and it can reach the whole screen’s brightness conformity and accurate color reproduction with the combination of correction technique. It is also easily spliced with different shapes because of its aluminum structure. In addition to this occasion, AOTO M2X can be applied in other places, like transportation and TV studio etc.


Overall, this project is another important milestone for AOTO Electronics’ business in Middle East market. In the future, AOTO will continually insist on technology and product innovation in order to provide better product and service for the global market.

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