AOTO 0.78mm Mini LED Unveiled 2019 InfoComm Orlando

18 | 06 | 2019

2019 InfoComm Orlando was officially held on Orange County Convention Center from 12th to 14th June. As the world's largest professional audio-visual integrated equipment and technology trade show, it usually Exhibits the latest audio-visual integrated systems, electronic system integration, and lighting & audio products. InfoComm is the annual audiovisual industry feast as it attracts thousands of visitors who come from the audiovisual industry, such as the system integrator, designer, and industry professional specialist, etc.



AOTO Electronics showcased the industry smallest pixel pitch 0.78mm Mini LED at this exhibition. With the mass production of the 0.78mm Mini LED, AOTO was further proved to be the ‘Mini LED leader worldwide’.



Mini LED is the main trend of UHD LED display field. AOTO fine pitch Mini LED products, ranging from 0.78mm to 1.5mm,adopt exclusive 4 in 1 packaging design, which has smaller chip, more stable screen robustness and extremely vivid image with its 4K and 8K technology. The product solves the vulnerability problem of normal fine pitch products and on-site maintenance difficulty of COB products.



In addition to the 0.78mm Mini LED, AOTO’s CLD27ES1.5 is also highly focused by the public with its easy installation and seamless splicing. The resolution ups to 7680*2160, which is controlled by AOTO exclusive 8k controller. It also perfectly supports HDR10 and 24bit processing depth, bringing the stunning image quality and rich color reproduction.


In these years, AOTO Electronics also committed to developing monitoring software and control system. The LED control system that displayed in InfoComm Orlando proved AOTO’s comprehensive strength in LED displays, software, and controller.


In particular, AOTO independent 8K control technology solution provides impressive, delicate and realistic ultra-large display image with the ultra-small pixel pitch and ultra-high contrast. Its seamless splicing can easily realize the display experience of high-definition huge-screen and truly achieve user-level convenient operation. It well meets the needs of digital demonstrations of stage rentals, high-end retail, traffic information,command centers, conference centers, studios, schools, and educational institutions, etc.


AOTO is a famous LED brand worldwide,and it always receives the focus from industry media. At 2019 InfoComm Orlando, the American authoritative magazine, Commercial Integrator, conducted a live coverage for AOTO’s Mini LED products. AV Magazine also reports on its social media platforms.


It is a great chance for AOTO to showcase its latest Mini LED products in this exhibition. As the global leader of Mini LED and the LED display system solutions provider, AOTO will always focus on the value of providing users with the highest quality products and the most professional services. In the near future, AOTO Electronics will become an outstanding Chinese company with a world-renowned reputation.

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