AOTO Madede an Advance Progress in Micro-LED-Based Display Technologies

01 | 02 | 2023

On the 31st of January, 2023, in Barcelona, Spain - At the ISE2023 show, AOTO presented Micro LED P0.3, which is one of AOTO's most cutting-edge innovations and represents one of the most advanced technologies overall.



Three years ago, AOTO introduced Micro LED P0.4 and set a new benchmark for the fine pixel pitch of direct display large screen, with true color, and had a significant impact on the industry. Three years later, on the basis of Micro LED P0.4, AOTO launched Micro LED P0.3, which transformed the design of the LED structure into a thin film and arranged it, making the LED even smaller! Epic clarity and pure black make for a revolutionary visual experience, that astounded visitors.  


Micro LED technology is a type of display technology that forms a high-density LED array by assembling self-luminous micron-scale LEDs that are used as light-emitting pixel units on the drive panel. It presents a greater technical challenge. The primary distinction between Micro-LEDs and SMD and Mini LED displays is the improvement of precision. Micro LEDs are more sophisticated in terms of brightness, resolution, contrast, and response time due to the high integration, and self-illumination features.



AOTO is working hard to industrialize the Micro business and hopes to achieve small- and mid-batch trial production of the Micro LED products this year. Promoting the use of micro LEDs will impact many different industries, including immersive display, AR/VR/MR, and more applications.

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