AOTO Electronics, The Driving Force Behind High-Quality LED Cinema Screens

20 | 02 | 2024

The development trend of the film industry is favorable in 2024. According to data from AiQi Search, the number of registered film-related companies has seen a significant increase in 2023, creating more development opportunities for 2024. Paired with the tilt in China's "Fourteenth Five-Year" policy, especially the support for the film industry, there will be a further increase in movie screening demand. Against this flourishing background, LED displays, as a key part of cinemas, are attracting attention. However, while the market is drawing attention, high-end cinemas also demand higher requirements for LED cinema screens, which not all LED displays can easily meet. The key question is, what kind of LED display can meet the high-quality requirements of cinemas?

 AOTO Electronics has always been a representative company of high-quality LED displays, and LED cinema screens are one of its key target markets. As the "DCI certification" is the gold standard for entering the cinema screen market, AOTO has smoothly passed the DCI certification with its excellent product performance and reliable quality, becoming a reliable choice in the comprehensive broadcasting field.
DCI Certification: Not just a sign of quality, but also the pinnacle of technology and equipment
The DCI CTP certification is a comprehensive testing system which not only demands LED display hardware, but also tests AOTO's other technologies and equipment. Under the remote supervision of Aegisolve, it simulates movie playing scenarios to ensure that the lighting in the projection room meets the illumination standard (less than 0.01 Cd/m2 (.0029 ft-L)). AOTO's LED cinema screens have passed 36 strict tests, ensuring they meet the certification standards in all respects.

AOTO cinema screen product DCI certification site

1. Display Effect Test
Brightness Test: The peak white brightness measured at the center of AOTO's screen reached 48 cd/m², presenting the audience with clearer and brighter images.
Contrast Test: Not only tests the central brightness of the product in black screen mode, but also contrasts the central brightness of all white, ensuring high image contrast and more vivid images.
Color Reproductivity: The product passed the color transition test. In the 10 grayscale transitions from black to white, black to gray, and gray to black, it ensured uniform color reproduction. In addition, the cinema server and LED controller support the playback of 12-bit standard-compliant color, meeting the requirements for color reproduction.
Point-To-Point Display Reproductivity Test: By closely observing a 16x16 pixel pattern, it ensures that the sampling structure of the image array displayed by the product is equal to the corresponding specified image container, guaranteeing the clarity of 4K images.
2. Film and Television Playback Capability
Storage System Data Transfer Rate: The storage system can maintain a minimum data transfer rate of 307 MBit/sec, ensuring uninterrupted digital movie playback.
Video Format Switching: When switching between different video formats, AOTO products can maintain without ghosting, ensuring a natural picture transition.
Audio-Visual Delay Control: Verified the delay of sound and video, ensuring the delay interval remains constant during playback, validating the audio-visual synchronization capability.
Subtitle Rendering: The system can correctly display subtitles of movies in various formats, providing a more comprehensive viewing experience.
3. Film and TV Playback Security Test
Anti-Theft Watermark: SM can play combinations that include encrypted timed text elements. At the same time, advanced anti-camcording watermarking technology is adopted to ensure the security of film copyright and the legality of the viewing environment.
Appearance Safety: AOTO's products are designed with appearance safety in mind. With no external wiring, even if it is partially pried open, internal wiring and circuits cannot be seen, effectively preventing illegal operations.

AOTO Factory: High Standards for LED Movie Screen Product Testing
In order to ensure the excellent quality of LED movie screen products, AOTO factory has implemented strict quality control measures. It carries out 14 mechanical structure and appearance indicator tests, 9 optical performance indicator tests, and 9 electrical performance indicator tests, in order to provide customers with a commitment to outstanding product quality.

AOTO Factory Tests Upcoming Deliverable Movie Screen Products

1. Mechanical Structure and Appearance Indicator Testing
AOTO factory ensures that the LED movie screen products are scratch-free and undistorted in terms of mechanical structure, guaranteeing the intactness of the product during manufacturing, transportation, installation etc. The installation consistency should be good and sturdy, ensuring a consistent installation effect for each product in different environments. The surface evenness requirement of the product after installation is far less than 1mm/m, delivering a more comfortable viewing experience for the user. The LED modules must have high consistency after splicing, with a requirement of ≤0.2mm. Through visual examination, the splicing location should transition smoothly and evenly, without any bright or dark lines, providing a clearer, undisturbed picture for the audience.

2. Optical Performance Indicator Testing
AOTO Factory conducts tests on multiple dimensions targeting the three major sections - brightness, grayscale reproduction, and color reproduction to ensure the optical performance of the LED movie screen meets the high requirements of DCI certification. This provides clients with high-quality, true-to-life visual enjoyment.

3. Electrical Performance Indicator Testing
Through comprehensive testing of the product's electrical performance, AOTO factory ensures the reliability, energy efficiency, and safety of the LED movie screen, especially in special situations like opening and closing the doors of the product. The system should accurately detect the action of opening and closing doors, thereby enhancing the safety of movie playing. This series of tests ensures that the LED movie screen can work steadily and reliably in various usage scenarios, providing users with a lasting and efficient user experience.

AOTO Electronics, with its high-quality LED movie screen products, has passed the DCI certification, providing a reliable choice for high-end cinemas. Amid the thriving development of the movie industry, AOTO Electronics will continue to advance, adhering to the core development direction of "hardware + software + content", promoting the deployment of cinema screens worldwide, to bring audiences a more authentic and breathtaking audio-visual experience.







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