AOTO Highly Integrated Conference Room Solution Increases Meeting Efficiency

24 | 07 | 2020

Recently, AOTO Mini LED 1.5mm has been stationed in the conference room of China Merchants Bank, Shenzhen. Integrated with outstanding visual performance and interactive function like the remote conference, electronic whiteboard, wireless projection, etc., AOTO flexible conference room solution substantially enhance the meeting efficiency.

As the international leading intelligent visual information solution provider, AOTO fully considers customer’s needs and the application environment, providing an integrated conference room display solution. Combined with AOTO exclusive controllers, like 8K, 16K, 32K, and 64K, the superior conference room solution highly guarantees the visual performance and smooth operation, which truly increases the working efficiency.


Adopting Mini LED product as the display terminal, the conference room displays are available for flexible sizes. With the smaller pixel pitch and seamless splicing, it solves the traditional problems of LCD and guarantees all meeting information will be fully presented on the screen. In terms of the visual performance, AOTO Mini LED products feature with 8000:1 high contrast ratio, 24-bit color processing depth, and HDR technology, overcoming the reflective and dark problem of traditional products and making the image more realistic and clearer. More importantly, the fast installation and disassembly also break through the limited use of specific scenes and reach “one screen for multiple uses”. What is more, the exclusive Mini LED 4-IN-ONE packing technology guarantees the robust cabinet and longer lifespan compared with other industry LED products.


With the continuous enhancement of independent R&D capabilities, AOTO newly ‘slim’ version of Mini LED product recently - CV Series, which has been regarded as the most economically-friendly Mini LED product so far. With 27-year professional experiences, AOTO is flamed for its innovation, customer service, and technology orientations. The superior conference room solution has been successfully applied in China Telecom Headquarters, Bank of China in Hong Kong Headquarters, and Peking University Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, etc. Aims to play into the growing demand for the conference room, AOTO will keep improving to serve the customers internationally.

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