AOTO Leading Display Technology Innovation! RGBW Technology to Bring a More Vibrant LED Display Experience

28 | 06 | 2023

LED (Light Emitting Diode) displays have always been one of the most popular and widely used technologies in the display industry. Now, an exciting technological innovation - RGBW technology is set to bring us a more vibrant and high-quality visual experience.

SW-Ceiling Series
Adopting AOTO self-invented RGBW technology, providing natural lighting effect


RGBW technology is an advancement based on the traditional RGB (Red, Green, Blue) display technology. In RGBW technology, the "W" represents white, which refers to the addition of a white LED chip. Compared to traditional RGB technology, RGBW technology offers higher brightness and richer color performance by adding the white LED chip.

                                                                        Traditional RGB LED                                                                                                                                        RGBW LED


First and foremost, one significant advantage of RGBW technology is the enhancement of display brightness. With this technology, the white light is emitted independently by the white LED chip, eliminating the reliance on the combination of the three colors. This allows the display screen to present a brighter effect when displaying white content, enhancing CRI ratio, overall picture clarity and visibility.

RGB Spectrogram
The CRI ratio≤50 if use RGB LED for lighting, the overall effect presents color deviation


Furthermore, RGBW technology expands the color gamut of the display screen, providing a more extensive range of color expression. By adding the white LED chip, RGBW technology can adjust the proportions of the RGB colors and generate more neutral colors such as gray and brown. This precise color reproduction allows the display screen to accurately restore color details, creating a more realistic and vivid visual effect. Additionally, RGBW technology offers energy-saving and environmentally friendly advantages. As the white LED chip emits light independently when displaying white content, it reduces overall power consumption. Compared to traditional RGB technology, RGBW technology operates at lower power consumption for the same brightness, thus reducing energy consumption and being more environmentally friendly.

RGBW Spectrogram
The CRI ratio≥90 if use RGBW LED for lighting, presenting natural effect


RGBW technology has vast application prospects in various industries. In outdoor advertising billboards, RGBW technology provides higher brightness and richer colors, making advertisements more eye-catching and impactful. In indoor display screens, RGBW technology's color reproduction and enhanced brightness deliver clearer and more delicate image quality, providing users with a superior viewing experience. Moreover, in stage performances, sports events, and other fields, RGBW technology meets the demands for high-quality visual effects, offering audiences a captivating visual feast.

RGBW supports film making application
In addition to traditional outdoor and indoor applications, RGBW technology can also be applied to the virtual film making industry, providing lighting effects that tend towards natural light and delicate display effects.


In conclusion, RGBW technology is an innovative display technology that brings a more vibrant and high-quality visual experience to LED displays. Its advantages in brightness enhancement, color reproduction, and energy efficiency make RGBW technology a promising direction for the future of the display industry. With continuous improvement and wider adoption of RGBW technology, LED displays are expected to play a more significant role in various fields, providing users with a more spectacular visual enjoyment.

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