AOTO Steps into Spotlight at the Dubai International Airport

01 | 06 | 2020

Built to be the fifth-busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic, the Dubai International Airport has a total capacity of 90 million passengers annually. Adding a new view to the engaging experience, AOTO has partnered with JCDecaux Group, the largest outdoor advertising corporation in the world, to provide a visual upgrade for Dubai International Airport. This project has started at the end of 2019 and the installation will be completed this June prior to Expo Dubai 2020.



‘We chose AOTO display for the unmatched value they provide’, explains the project director of Dubai International Airport, ‘this nationwide renowned project is definitely deserving of the first-class facility. AOTO’s high-quality products and professional attitude impress us, especially the one-stop service. Everyone at the group was great to work with on this project from the pre-design, communication in detail to handover and installation. They are absolutely professional, their project progress plan is pretty detailed and useful. It is an awesome team!’ the director continues.



Based on the previous structure, AOTO’s 19 customized LED screens, up to 353㎡ in total, were prominently occupied in every corner of the airport. The new display line features an easy-to-install design that can mount to different environments and positions, such as the pillars and walls. Also, the high EMC also guarantee a safe and stable operation. With unrivaled brightness, color uniformity, and creative shape, this adaptable solution attracts a myriad of visitors and advertisers worldwide at any time of the day.


‘We are truly thrilled with AOTO products. These displays perfectly align with the needs of the airport while also giving them peace-of-mind with the reliable product and supportive team,’ stated the project manager of JCDecaux Group, ‘ with AOTO remote control platform and superior visual enhancement, the advertisers’ brand value can be uninterruptedly delivered to their target customer segments. Our partner advertisers are extremely satisfied with this.’


This program resembles AOTO landmark breakthrough of the transportation field in the Middle- East. In keeping with the ‘Belt and Road ’policy, this collaboration will strengthen the economic exchange of both sides. Yet there is still a wide space for cooperation left to fill in this regional market. AOTO will continue to improve the ability to better serve customers in the Middle-east.

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