AOTO Powers Immersive LED Displays at Hero NYC

27 | 06 | 2024



June 27, 2024, New York, NY– AOTO, a leading provider of LED display solutions, has transformed the visual experience at Hero NYC, an immersive experience venue located in Manhattan's iconic Rockefeller Center. This collaboration marks a new era of visual excellence, utilizing AOTO's state-of-the-art CV Series LED displays to captivate audiences.





Hero NYC is celebrated for its innovative exhibitions that engage visitors of all ages. Situated in the bustling heart of Manhattan, Hero NYC aims to create environments that transport visitors into enchanting worlds of light and sound. The installation of AOTO's CV Series LED displays has set a new benchmark for immersive experiences.





The project features a main LED wall composed of 30x9 tiles and a ceiling display with 19x13 tiles, both with a 1.5mm pixel pitch, ensuring stunning visual clarity. AOTO's CV Series stands out with its Mini LED Technology, Deep & Consistent Black, and 110% NTSC Gamut, delivering unparalleled visual quality.



Bing, AOTO's VP in the US, underscores the significance of this technology. "Our CV Series LED displays deliver exceptional visuals with remarkable color accuracy and contrast. These features are crucial for creating the immersive experiences that Hero NYC is renowned for," he explains. "The advanced LED technology significantly enhances the visitor experience, drawing them into dynamic, interactive journeys with deep blacks and rich colors."


AOTO's partnership with Hero NYC showcases the power of advanced LED technology in transforming immersive environments. By deploying AOTO's cutting-edge CV Series displays, Hero NYC has enhanced its visual landscape, providing visitors with an unforgettable sensory experience.





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