AOTO Unveils Cutting-Edge Virtual Production Studio at Hubei University of Technology in China

14 | 06 | 2024


AOTO proudly announces the completion of a state-of-the-art Virtual Production (VP) Studio at Hubei University of Technology in China in January 2024. This project marks a significant advancement in our mission to provide innovative virtual production solutions and support educational excellence.


AOTO has consistently led the industry in LED and virtual production technology, offering comprehensive solutions across various sectors. Our collaboration with Hubei University of Technology underscores our dedication to delivering advanced, reliable, and efficient virtual production tools tailored to modern educational needs. The new VP studio features a curved U2.3 LED wall (79.565) with an advanced AOTO self-developed ATLVC-X4 control system that ensures simple and efficient cluster control, stable system assurance, high frame rate (HFR), and scientifically accurate color management. The studio is also equipped with Mo-sys Star Tracker for precise camera tracking and high-end cameras, including an 8K RED camera that delivers unmatched clarity and detail, 6K and 4K cameras from Sony, and Sony's 4K video mirrorless camera. Professional lighting is provided by Aputure, ensuring optimal illumination for all production needs.





This advanced VP studio is designed to foster creativity and innovation in education. The inclusion of an 8K RED camera highlights our commitment to providing top-tier technology that sets new standards in virtual production. The ATLVC-X4 control system guarantees seamless operation and integration of the LED panels, ensuring high performance and reliability. The Mo-sys Star Tracker system enhances the studio's capabilities by offering precise camera tracking for dynamic and complex scenes.





By establishing this cutting-edge VP studio, AOTO aims to empower the next generation of filmmakers and content creators, providing them with the latest technology to explore and innovate. This initiative reflects our commitment to redefining the future of virtual production and supporting educational institutions in embracing advanced technologies.


"We are thrilled to bring this state-of-the-art VP studio to Hubei University of Technology," says a representative from AOTO. "Our mission is to provide the tools and technology needed to inspire and empower the next generation of creators, helping them to push the limits of their imagination and achieve new heights in virtual production."




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