Another Major Award! AOTO's Stage Rental Product SW Series Captures the 2024 Red Dot Award in Germany.

12 | 04 | 2024

On April 8, 2024, AOTO's SW series, a standout in the stage rental market, emerged from a competitive field of global entries to secure the 2024 Red Dot Award: Product Design. This victory follows closely on the heels of the CV-MIP series' triumph in securing the German iF Design Award in March, marking another significant international accolade for AOTO's design prowess. Garnering both the iF Award and the Red Dot Award, symbols of global design excellence underscores AOTO's authoritative standing in the worldwide design arena.



The Red Dot Award, one of the most prestigious and influential design competitions globally, stands alongside the iF Award and the American IDEA Award as one of the top three design honors worldwide, representing current industry design trends and the highest standards. It's recognized as a benchmark for international creative design. The award-winning SW series from AOTO showcases technological innovation not just in its industrial design and physical construction but also reflects a deep understanding and application of contemporary design aesthetics and energy-efficient, eco-friendly principles.


Stunning Display, Impactful Results

The SW series boasts a high contrast ratio of 6000:1, a brightness of 6000 nits, a refresh rate of 7680Hz, and a high frame rate of 144Hz. These features not only provide layered and vivid display effects but also crisply render higher dynamic video sources, revealing more dynamic details and significantly enhancing the overall visual impact on stage.



Robust Structure, Ensured Safety

The series is equipped with a WIND FRAME, effectively withstanding winds up to Force 8, and features high outdoor protection levels, making it suitable for various complex environments. The robust box lock design ensures a secure connection between boxes. Modules come with a safety rope design, preventing them from easily falling and ensuring safety during stage performances and large events.



Energy-Efficient and Lightweight, Reducing Costs

Using die-cast aluminum and carbon fiber materials keeps the product weight around 14kg, reducing labor costs during installation. The SW series intelligently adjusts power consumption, achieving cost-saving and eco-friendly results.



Quick Assembly, Versatile Configuration

The SW series supports large-size modules of 1200*600 and 600*600mm, allowing for rapid large-screen assembly according to stage design needs, saving on overall setup time. Additionally, the product's adaptability for internal and external arcs with 0°/2.5°/5°/7.5° adjustable installations unleashes endless creative possibilities for stage design.



Effortless Installation and Maintenance

Magnetic structures at the box connections can be easily activated or deactivated, enabling quicker, more precise installations and significantly reducing setup time. For maintenance, the SW series features magnetic modules and convenient latch faceplates, making module upkeep swift and straightforward. The back power supply employs a buckle design for quick detachment, enhancing the overall maintenance experience.



This accolade reflects AOTO's captivating brand philosophy and exceptional product design level, recognized globally. Looking forward, AOTO is committed to advancing through innovative design and technological enhancements, delivering high-quality, high-performance products to users worldwide, and driving industry progression.

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