AOTO Delivers the Largest Resolution LED Screen for Ningbo Subway

13 | 01 | 2021

AOTO has partnered with Ningbo Subway, East China’s Zhejiang province to design, manufacture, and install a new LED display system for advertising within the station.

Two 16K LED video walls become the new “hot spot” in Ningbo.



The whole project is quite difficult as it has tricky requirements for the LED products. The products must be waterproof and robust because Line 4 passes through a large area of lakes and crowds. What is more, innovative and multi-shaped screens are needed to attract passerby and enhance engagement.



With rich experience in transportation application, AOTO tailored creative vision LED solutions for Ningbo Line 4. Qualified with Mini LED 4-in-1 packaging design, the AOTO CV 1.5 series and Mini LED 1.5 series are highly robust, satisfying the needs of anti-moisture and collision. After several months of construction, these over 200 m² LED displays were popping up through the metro station with multi-shapes, and some of the screens have over 16K horizontal resolutions, such as the right-angle and curved screens, etc., creating a bold impression for the visitors.



The large digital video walls with multi-shapes are beneficial to maximize advertising value by offering dynamic and vibrant messages, promoting the city’s image and business enterprise information, achieving a comprehensive upgrade of the public area.

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