AOTO is Proud to Cooperate with Huawei

24 | 06 | 2020

AOTO Mini 1.2 LED display will be stationed in the HUAWEI Center in Pacific Century Beijing, which is regarded as another masterpiece after the cooperation with Galeries Lafayette and Harrods plaza.



Mounted to the wall in the side area of the store, AOTO Mini LED can easily capture visitors’ attention by its superior visual performance. By adopting HDR and Moiré Reduction technology, viewers can freely catch every detail on the screen. The precise color calibration and 110% NTSC highly restore the product color. More importantly, the 180-degree wide viewing angle allows customers to receive clear visions from different positions.


Apart from the visual effect, AOTO Mini LED is also flamed for its panel robustness and flexible structure design worldwide. Because of the exclusive 4-in-1 packaging design, Mini 1.2mm is 4 times robust than traditional SMD products, which prevent it from easily damaged by external forces. Besides, the ultra-thin and lightweight cabinet structure ensures the fast installation and on-site front & rear maintenance, saving installation space & time, and increasing the efficiency.


AOTO is extremely proud to cooperation with Huawei, one of the most influential electronic product brands in the world. Stronger partnership for a brighter future, AOTO will continue to deeply cooperate with new retails and serve the customers internationally.

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