Display the Real World! AOTO HDR Technology Across the Oceans

24 | 09 | 2017

Recently, a China Command Center project just finished installation and successfully running by AOTO Electronics. With 24bit processing depth, the screen present the most dedicated image, showing informative and supervision visual image, is an ideal solution to maintain daily safety of monitoring and supervision work.


The most important is AOTO HDR technology has been applied into the project. With high color depth, wide gamut, 24bit processing technology, provides dynamic range and detailed images and reproduces better and true color. Till now, AOTO HDR technology has been applied into different project globally to display the real world.


China Command Center Project


HDR is short for High-Dynamic Range. HDR can bring more clear details of light and share, to provide high processing depth when screen in low grey level, and reproduces each detail of images vividly.



As world's leading in led display technology, AOTO led display with HDR technology have been used in domestic and abroad, serving for well known commercial center, international airport and transportation center, commander center,  TV studio etc. and already got compliments from our high value customer.


Below are project lists with HDR technology











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