AOTO Brings the Most Innovative Technology at the ISE 2018

15 | 02 | 2018

From Feb 6th to 9th, the largest AV and systems integration show (ISE) was held at RAI, Amsterdam. Compared with ISE2017, ISE 2018 had over 49,000 sqm of exhibition space, making it the biggest exhibition in the event's 15-year history. 


As the world leading LED display solutions provider, AOTO brings LED Cinema solution, Command Center solution,Interactive Commercial LED Display solution and Outdoor Fine Pixel Pitch Solution, delivers a visually electrifying experience.


AOTO Booth


8KLED Display, drawing big attention


As the only 8K X 4K LED display in the ISE, AOTO 8K LED display, with 7680 x 4320 pixels, attract lots of customers. The AOTO 8K LED display consists of 260 pcs CLD1.2, showing delicate images, high color contrast and HDR technology, draws great attention at the show.


In addition, according to the requirements of cinema industry, AOTO makes a lot effort to meet the demand.The image quality of the 8K LED display is up to DCI standard and cover DCI-P3 gamut,impressing lots of professional customers and leading the visual experience of the show.


More impressively, AOTO 8KLED display is controlled by the new rolled out 6K video image array which supports 64K X 4K resolution, massive data and image process. The AOTO patented64K video image array is designed for Command Center, Monitoring Center and Data Center, can support 8pcs 8K LED display or 500sqm command center LED display, which shows the leading technology and R&D competence.


AOTO 8K LED Display(CLD1.2)


64K Video Image Array


Outdoor Fine Pixel Pitch, leading the industry development


At the ISE, AOTO brings the outdoor narrowest pixel pitch LED display (1.8mm) in the world. With IP67rating and 6000nits brightness, the power consumption is 40% off, which is initiated in the LED industry. The high color contrast and bright color layer makes the LED display applicable to the out of home digital media and transportation signage, wins good reputation among the customers.


AOTO Outdoor Fine Pixel Pitch LED display(LF1.8)


Integrated modular LED, exploring the development direction


As the technology pioneer of the LED industry, AOTO always keeps advanced and inventive. AOTO rolls out the new integrated modular LED which is applied the innovative plastic quad flat package technology, with anti-collision and scrub able function. This new product has acquired lots of patents around the world, support on-site maintenance and color consistency, is the most innovative technology.


At the ISE show, the new integrated modular LED together with updated AOTO interactive meeting system,support multi-touch, meeting remarks and signal back, drawing lots of interest.


AOTO Integrated Modular LED display (CLD81")


The ISE Show is a great place to show off the AOTO's creativity and capabilities of using our  products to achieve breakthroughs in new levels of customer experience. In the future, AOTO will continue to dedicate its efforts to be a leader in the LED industry, maximizing globalization and improving the over all customer experience.



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