AOTO LED Display Shines at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

02 | 05 | 2018

In April 26, 2018, the Terminal 2 of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, which will be the largest single terminal building in China, was formally put into use. Meanwhile, the 20 pieces newly-installed LED display produced by AOTO Electronics also came into service at the same period, with delicate colors and detailed images that put the Terminal 2 in an amazing way, bringing the flight information together with visual technology to the passing passengers.


Terminal 2 of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport


With almost 1000sqm LED display installed, Baiyun International Airport project is one of the largest LED display project of AOTO in recent years, mainly in fine pixel pitch LED displays. The large scale LED displays in the airport, are respectively installed in the Checking Hall, Boarding Gate, Transfer Area, Duty-free Area, Cultural Square and other places.


The creative corridor of the arrival hall is in a curved shape, which is customized based on the individual requirement. The seamless showing image and the perfect picture quality convince the advertiser and the brand operators.


Creative Corridor of the Arrival Hall


And the top of transfer area is made of 300sqm LED display, which is special and remarkable. With shocking effect, visual technology, it has raised great attraction, and the airport information is conveyed in a very fashionable way.


Sky LED Display in Transfer Area


In  the meantime, there stand three pieces double side curved screens at the culture square of the international airport, which is particularly striking and brings overwhelming visual effect.


Double side LED display at the culture square


The LED displays at the duty free area and the boarding gate draw the attention of the passengers by virtue of perfect image quality.


LED Display at duty-free area


LED Display at the Boarding Gate


In order to meet the construction needs of Baiyun International Airport, AOTO also takes full advantage of its rich experience in the intelligent airport project.Combining with the construction status of Baiyun Airport, AOTO adopts advanced, integrated, safe and reliable technologies to design a set of comprehensive intelligent LED display solutions for Baiyun International Airport which has better met the needs of Baiyun Airport and won good reputation from customers.


In addition, the MXC and LS series LED displays used in this project, with seamless splicing of LED display system and 24bit color processing depth, can achieve accurate color reduction, accurately display brand advertising images and enhance brand value. With stable box structure and patented control system, AOTO LED display can work continuously for 7*24 hours, and can reduce the screen temperature as well as energy consumption while ensuring the screen automatically adapts to the brightness of the environment. EMI and EMC high protection level and certification standards meet the requirements of the electromagnetic compatibility and reliability of the airport traffic field, and meet the strict security requirements of Baiyun Airport.




As the world's leading LED solution provider, AOTO Electronics devote to LED display industry development and creates numerous classic cases. It has rich industry experience in the airport transportation applications including J.F.Kennedy.AptAirport in New York, Heathrow Airport in London, Paris Charles De GaulleAirport, Boston Logan Airport and Hongkong International Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Hongkou Airport, Hainan Haikou Airport and Sanya Airport, Kunming Changshui Airport and other famous airports. It has proved that the AOTO LED display system is the model and benchmark of the airport project and digital media.


AOTO Electronics will continue to make persistent efforts, with the aim of "pursue perfection, create excellent products, serve clients ", to make life more  brilliant and convenient.


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