AOTO Electronics Pioneers the Global Mini LED Display Technology

07 | 02 | 2019

The Integrated Systems Europe Show in Amsterdam February 5th to 8 is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of the Europe's Audio Video industry with the largest number of visitors worldwide. As a leading LED applications solution supplier, AOTO Electronics brings the latest in Mini LED technology to ISE. AOTO also presented groundbreaking products, self-developed cutting-edge technologies and latest application solutions. AOTO Electronics had an experience zone set up to let the clients get close to the products and really see what makes their products so special. AOTO’s expansive booth design, cool looking products and state of the industry technologies attracted a record number of visitors.



Attractive and grand main screen

The 8K*2K LED display in the booth is 12m wide by 3.375m high and got the most attention in the booth. The amazing fact is that there is no splicer required and the whole screen is run by a single 8K controller. The resolution of the display is 7680*2160 pixels. It has ultra-high definition and fantastic contrast, the picture is so gorgeous and amazing that many clients said it looked like a window with a view of what was shown on the display.



Mini Era led by AOTO

CLD0.9 163 is the latest Mini LED product of AOTO, with 0.9mm pixel pitch. With AOTO’s newly developed Mini LED technology, the very small LED crystal particles allow for more stable overall screen robustness, better sealing and optical design. PLUS, it helps to solve the screen damage problem with ultra-small pitch LED displays by protecting the LED pixels. The product is easy to maintain and the background color of the COB components make the contrast on this screen even better. The technology has over 30 patents worldwide protecting the design.



Intelligent system for smart applications

The AOTO intelligent image processing system integrates the LED controller and video processor into a single package providing a simple, easy to configure system. It provides massive data banks to store the video data files for large command and control centers, monitoring centers, TV studios, design centers and large-scale performing arts centers. The system supports voice recognition, customer display interaction, offline operation, fast display installation, high color depth, high processing depth, wide color gamut, 3D technology and flexible system configuration.



The top of the holographic projection system is an LED display with a 0.9mm pixel pitch. The content is reflected off of transparent surfaces to creating a holographic projection that really grabs the crowd’s attention.  This type of a product is used for precious coin, jewelry and clothing displays at high-end retail shops and museums. The high brightness, large, seamless display can be used to demonstrate even very large items.



Professional Solutions for Special Applications

The E-Sport business is really gaining popularity over the last few years. This competitive sport is centered around video games and the players that compete in the tournaments. AOTO Electronics brings it’s customized display solutions to E-Sport gaming halls and stadiums.


AOTO’s CLD27ES1.5 and CLD27ES1.2 are the products that seemed to fit the needs of this market the best. The ultra-light module design supports displays that can be created in almost any shape.  Plus, the technology supports HDR used by the games to give even better color ranges to the displays. The entire range of indoor and outdoor products are fan-less, have an all-aluminum structure and have AOTO’s unique thermal design to ensure quiet operation and use in very high temperatures. The ultra-light, ultra-thin modular design is easy to work with and allows many configuration options.



Transportation has always been a major market for AOTO products. Airports use the  CLD27ES1.5, CLD27ES1.2, and CL27ES1.8 to create displays for advertising, directions and public address. The entire ranges of indoor and outdoor products are fan-less, have an all-aluminum structure and a unique thermal design to ensure indoor quiet operation and high temperature use.



Excellent on-site experience

AOTO Electronics set up an experience zone this year to allow AOTO’s clients to check all the details of our latest products and see how the products actually are used in the field.


ISE 2019 is a venue to highlight AOTO’s innovative LED application solutions developed in 2018. In future, AOTO will keep investing in the research on this Mini LED technology.  Meanwhile, AOTO Electronics will actively push the company worldwide to more overseas markets to help bring its products to more customers.


About AOTO Electronics
AOTO Electronics Co, Ltd. (AOTO) is a diversified holding company registered in Shenzhen, China.

There are four key strategic business units, highest quality LED display, banking electronics, lighting engineering, and sports operation.

Over the years we have grown to become a world-leading display provider, offering a complete line of indoor and outdoor direct view LED display products. We are also proud that we were the first publicly held company in the LED display industry in China (Shenzhen Stock Exchange: 002587).

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