AOTO Owns 560 Patents and 66 Copyrights!

26 | 04 | 2019

The World Intellectual Property Day was established in 2000 by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and it is annually celebrated on 26th April. The aim of this special day is to spread a worldwide awareness of respecting knowledge and encourage knowledge innovation.


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As the first listed company of LED industry in China, AOTO Electronics has 26 years of professional R&D experience, and it always highly focus on independent innovation. AOTO's products won multiple national invention patents, software copyrights, and government awards. It also achieved national 3C certification and international certification such as ETL, CE, and TUV.


Since 2013, AOTO has begun to apply patents for its exclusive technology. Until now, the company owns 560 patents and 66 software copyrights in LED industry. This is a high recognition for AOTO's technology and creation. Especially, AOTO Mini LED technology applied over 30 patents around the world with its superior core values.



The WIPO usually select a special topic for the World Intellectual Property Day every year. Looking back, most topics are highly related with creation and innovation. AOTO has made a great achievement in technology innovation. Like mentioned above, AOTO Mini LED technology is a considerable breakthrough in LED industry because of its exclusive creation and technology. AOTO also won the gold prize and the honor of 'Top 20 Brand Values' at the 6th LED Pioneer Award Ceremony in China several days ago with its advanced Mini LED technology. According to WIPO, the topic in 2019 is Intellectual Property and Sports, which aims to inspire the global sports development and enhance the sports enjoyment. This is a great opportunity for AOTO to improve its visual display effect. Currently, AOTO's products are frequently used in global sports events, such as the 2018 FIFA World Cup. AOTO will continue to engage in the technology creation and bring more vivid image for those sports fanatics.



Overall, AOTO concentrates on creation and intellectual property management for a long time. It actively advocates a fair environment of intellectual property protection. In the future, AOTO will keep its core value and contribute to more patented technology.



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