AOTO Displays High-Tech Image in the 3rd China Quality Conference (Shenzhen).

06 | 12 | 2019

The 3rd China Quality Conference was successfully held in Shenzhen on 5th December. As the highest level international event in quality management field, it attracts a large number of enterprises, industry experts, and international organizations, etc., aiming to discuss how to promote economic development towards quality, efficiency, and power changes in the context of economic globalization. AOTO’s ‘hero product’ CLD Mini RS 1.5mm has been honorably stationed in the conference, which fully presents AOTO latest LED technology in recent years.



Entering the China Quality Conference venue, AOTO Mini LED 1.5mm was placed at the entrance. With the high definition, high brightness, and high contrast, the LED vividly interpreted Shenzhen’s spectacular transition from "Shenzhen Speed" to "Shenzhen Quality", which meets the theme of this conference – Quality, Evolution, Sharing.


It is a great recognition and encouragement for AOTO to showcase its latest Mini LED technology at this event. As the first listed LED company in China, AOTO is highly experienced in product R&D, innovation, and customer service. It is the global leader in terms of the Mini LED technology, especially the exclusive 4 in 1 technology, which solves the problems of on-site maintenance, obvious color difference and reflection issues from COB and GOB products. With the smaller pixel pitch, more stable integrated system, and better visual performance, AOTO Mini LED owns over 30 patents in worldwide, and successfully obtained authorization in China, the United States, Japan, the European Union, etc. Until now, AOTO has developed 4 types of Mini LED in different pixel pitch, including 1.5mm, 1.2mm, 0.9mm and 0.78mm.


Moreover, AOTO insists providing a thorough solution for clients not only LED display screens but matching software and control systems. For instance, the company has developed different software platforms for different industry applications, the ‘Big eagle’ is designed for sport, and ‘Blue peacock’ mainly for media application. Besides, AOTO exclusive 8k, 32k, 64k control system guarantee the color reproduction, smoother playback, and more spectacular visual performance,  


“Attractive Technology” is what AOTO believes. In the coming years, AOTO will try its best to strengthen international cooperation, enhance its products and service’s quality and become a more powerful company.

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