AOTO New advertising Video Wall Stationed in Shanghai Pudong International Airport

04 | 03 | 2020

Partnered with JCDecaux Group, the largest outdoor advertising corporation in the world, AOTO E3i product was successfully installed at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport in 2019, aiming to strengthen brand awareness and accelerate the process of digitalization of advertisements. This project resembles AOTO E-series’ significant progress in transportation.



The whole LED video wall reaches near 178㎡, consisting of 300 single E3i cabinets. With over 11K resolution, it is the largest project of AOTO in transportation so far. Located at the most appealing position of the international departure hall, the screen attracts passengers from worldwide at any time of the day. This video wall showcases rolling ads of world-renowned brand names with stunning animation, bringing the vivid experience to everyone passing by.

'Absolutely fabulous! ’stated the project manager of JCDecaux Group, ‘The E3i that we are using, with its superior performance, can definitely highlight the smooth details of every advertisement. Our ad customers like Chanel and Dior are extremely satisfied with the image quality. ’The manager continues.  

According to the feedback from Pudong International Airport, the screen’s installation also enhances the public image of the airport. ‘It is an essential platform for culture export. The animation of the Qingming River showed on the screen caught visitors’ eyes fully, especially the foreigners’. AOTO E3i expertly exhibits both the dynamic and static tourism contents, helping people to better understand the beauty of our country and culture.‘ Said the customer service manager of the airport.

AOTO E-series reach ultra-high contrast ratio by its patented black mask. Together with the unparalleled color accuracy and 24bit color processing depth brought by AOTO controller and software, the visual performance was on a different level than any other. With pixel pitch ranging from 2.5mm to 16mm, E-series provides a wide selection of optimal viewing distances from 3 to 20 meters. The advantages of energy-saving, lightweight structure and ease of on-site maintenance of the E-series satisfy customers ‘needs of cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness. More importantly, the powerful EMC CLASS B, IP65 and thermal design of the E-series guarantee a safe and stable operation.

As the first listed LED display company in China, AOTO has 26 years’ experience in LED R&D and innovation. This extension of our long-lasting cooperation with the Shanghai Pudong International Airport created yet another example of AOTO win-win business idea. With flaming enthusiasm, AOTO will continue to improve the ability to better serve the customers internationally.


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