AOTO Creates Live-Venue Experience with Massive LED Stage Solutions at LDI 2021

20 | 11 | 2021

On November 19-21, one of the world's leading, most influential professional events-LDI 2021 was taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. As a leader in the global audiovisual industry, AOTO showcased a full line of upgraded technologies and integrated solutions, which include XR film and television solutions, Mini LED displays, and newly released rental products in booth 1841.



XR immersive virtual studio

The most eye-catching feature of the booth is the XR immersive virtual studio, which used a total of 144 RM2.3 panels as the back group wall and M5.8H as the ceiling to create a virtual shooting scene; attracted customers stopped to interact directly with the virtual scenes and experienced the true-to-life environment.

Real-time rendering technology is used to restore the dynamic digital scenes on the LED display, as well as the camera tracking system to locate the space and capture characters' motion. While this is going on, a high-definition 150-inch all-in-one machine is used to present and output a 3-dimensional virtual screen in real-time. In our booth, customers were able to witness the entire process of virtual filming.

AOTO's leading hardware and software capabilities include moiré reduction processing, large-angle color cast improvement, high-dynamic HDR processing, shooting matching, and large-screen color correction, all of which fully meet the requirements of virtual shooting.



Newly-released SV3.9 series

The new SV3.9 series was the most surprising product on display at this exhibition. And this long-awaited product was officially unveiled for the first time. The development of this outdoor application product is a significant step forward in the exploration of the live event market.

The panels are incredibly strong and durable, but also extremely lightweight. Due to its innovative unique rear triangular foldable wind bracing system, each cabinet has a large load capacity and advanced overall stability, and can withstand high wind speeds and harsh weather, making these panels ideal for outdoor festivals and events. The SV3.9 video wall can be set up as a convex or concave curved display of the ±5degree angle, providing endless creative possibilities for your stage.

A dedicated dolly system has been developed to facilitate transportation and make the installation process super-efficient. The panels' innovative design allows them to be lifted directly from the dolly. The foldable bracing design of each cabinet saves on storage space, and the cabinets can be transported in their dollies even with extra accessories attached.



Mini 4K Large-format LED Display

At this exhibition, AOTO ​​4K seamlessly LED display installed by Mini product showed high-definition and delicate picture quality with a length of 6 meters and a width of 3.3 meters, delivering in a strong visual impact.

Mini RS series was designed in order to better meet the development needs of better visual experience; better display quality, clearer and richer images, and lighter LED cabinet for events applications, it can be used in medium and large-scale applications, such as conferences, exhibitions, commercial, and e-sports.



AOTO takes great pride in providing industry-leading solutions and support that are based on our  experience gained over the course of 28 years in the live-event market. In the future, AOTO will always strive to be innovative and provide more value to customers.

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