China Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation successfully concluded, AOTO LED Display help to build Command Center

DATE:18 May, 2017

China Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was held at China National Convention Center from May 14th to 15th, 2017, gathered government leaders from all around the world in Beijing. AOTO provide world leading led display technology to China Fire protection bureau to help forum successfully held.

China Belt and Road Forum

AOTO LED system with ultra HD and 24bit color depth could provide the best visual effects. With stable control system, excellent image quality and zero noise, high contrast and refresh rate, HDR technology and wider viewing angle, AOTO led display have been highly appraised by passer-by, showing the high quality level of china made.

Through cooperation with international convention, AOTO enhanced our own brand, presenting AOTO’s strength to in charge of international prestigious events.

Besides command centers, AOTO ultra HD LED display screen is the ideal solutions for high-end retail, conference room, Auditorium, control room, TV studio etc…lots of indoor application. With 8K controller, HDR technology, 10bit color processing depth and 24bit color processing depth, we believe AOTO LED display could meet the requirement of all kinds of applications.