AOTO Hits the Nerve of Digital Signage Industry

DATE:03 January, 2017

The world's first P2.8mm outdoor LED display---FS2.8LF has been supplied by AOTO as a digital signage at the central business district in Manhattan, USA. There are 58 pieces displays in all with the 300 square meters coverage area, standing at the outdoor newsstands and drawing big interest.

Compared with the poster newsstand, LED display has the advantage on advertisements capacity, upgrade rate and image quality. Together with upgraded technology and equipment, AOTO's displays hit the nerve of digital signage industry, which makes the newsstands more modern and attractive for modern society.

Cutting Edge Technologies Guarantee Smooth Operation and Maintenance

Cutting-edge Technologies Guarantee Smooth Operation and Maintenance

Technologies Guarantee Smooth Operation and Maintenance

Some customized technologies of FS·LF series displays make great contribution for operation and maintenance. The temperature and humidity of display will be reflected by the intelligent environment control system in real time, which can provide reference for problem detection.

FS·LF series displays support front maintenance and can be dismantled easily from front by using maintenance tools, which cater for the requirements of digital signage. And also, the equipped controller has been enhanced and upgraded which is not only used to control and calibrate the display but also detect the temperature and humidity. In this way, users can use one AOTO customized multifunctional controller to replace two traditional equipment, which greatly save space and cost in digital signage industry.

Low Operation Cost Enhances User Experience

For the advertisers of digital signage, low operating cost is quite essential and necessary. Accurate low consumption control technology of FS·LF series products can make the display save more than 25%-30% energy compared with the counterparts products. Displays with firm mechanical design are suited for endurable fixed installation and guarantee a long lifespan, so users don't need to change screens frequently. With wide viewing angle, the display can produce high quality images to passengers from different directions.

Revolutionary Technologies Are Brought out for Digital Signage Industry

Revolutionary Technologies Are Brought out for Digital Signage Industry

In addition, as the world's first P2.8mm outdoor display, FS·LF series displays have lots of unique features for digital signage industry. The brightness can be up to 5500 nits, which takes the lead in narrow pixel pitch LED display field, catering for the demand of outdoor digital signage application. The 3000:1 contrast ratio of FS·LF series displays brings clear and real images to the passengers or audiences, which helps to make the advertisement on signage out of ordinary.To make life more brilliant and convenient, AOTO will constantly upgrade its technologies and products not only for digital signage industry, but also the whole world.