AOTO Extends its MiniLED Distributor to Italy

AOTO Electronics (Stock: 002587), which founded in 1993, is specialized in designing and manufacturing high-end quality LED display Systems. AOTO is a world-leading LED display complete solution provider and the first listed company of LED display industry in China. AOTO exclusive Mini LED technology also achieved over 30 patents worldwide.


One of AOTO groundbreaking ideas was to invest huge funds and human resources on Mini LED technology since 2012. It applied for patents in 2013 (now it has over 30 patents) and, after several years of continuous research and development, AOTO Mini LED achieved mass production in 2018. Since Mini LEDs represent the future of the led walls industry, Wave&Co already ordered a huge amount of stock that is going to be ready to meet customers’ needs.


Wave&Co was born in 2015 and it rapidly took a leading position in the Italian market. The key factor to its fast and outstanding growth was the smart choice of international partners and strategic suppliers bound by exclusive agreements. The final customers can benefit from the economic and qualitative advantages coming from it, enjoying at the same time high-quality international products together with Wave&Co made-in-Italy service.