The Front Desk Clerk

Shenzhen College degree or above More than 1 year relevant working experience 1 people



General Management Dept



Job Description


1. Prepare salary schedules, manage social security and provident fund, handle the procedures for employees' entering and leaving/changing, keep personnel files, prepare personnel reports such as roster;


2. Register and guide the reception of company visitors;


3. Receive and transfer calls at the reception desk;


4. Sending and receiving faxes, copying documents, sending and receiving express and letters, and settling fees;


5. Purchasing and receiving of office supplies and other low-value consumables;


6. Responsible for environmental management such as lighting, air conditioning on/off, and arranging tables and chairs neatly in the reception/conference room/reception room and other public areas;


7. Front desk attendance machine management, staff attendance supervision, overtime leave registration, overtime meal supplement statistics, and make the attendance summary of last month before the 3rd day of each month;


8. Registration and opening management of gate control rights of employees;


9. Inform the applicants by phone;


10. Air ticket management and reimbursement, assist in purchasing benefits;


11. Other work arranged by department leaders.





1. Female, 22-32 years old, college degree or above, majored in human resources, administration, secretary, etc., with more than 1 year relevant working experience; 


2. Decent appearance, fluent mandarin, good communication skills;


3. Proactive, responsible and able to work under pressure;


4. Proficient and skilled in OFFICE softwares such as Exel and Word, and able to make relevant functions by using payroll.





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