Supplier Management

Shenzhen Bachelor degree or above 3-5 years of working experience in supply chain, procurement 1 people



Procurement Center



Job Description


1. Inquire and negotiate price, re-check the material price of subsidiaries, analyze the market conditions of materials;


2. Responsible for the group's bidding projects, assessment and analysis of partners' supply capacity, sorting out materials.


3. Manage supply chain resources, integrate suppliers of subsidiaries and establishe collectivized supply chain database;


4. Responsible for the development, evaluation and management of strategic suppliers of the group, conducting market research and developing channels;


5. Promote and implement the improvement and optimization of the group's supply chain information system;


6. Cooperate with subsidiaries to follow up and deal with major quality accidents.





1. Bachelor degree or above;


2. 3-5 years of working experience in supply chain, procurement related field, proficient in the whole supply chain management, familiar with industry information;


3. Excellent analytical, communication, coordination and negotiation skills and good sense of time;


4. Honest and upright, with good sense of service and high sense of responsibility, able to work under high pressure;


5. Teamwork spirit and good organization;


6. Good cost control ability, and can propose the plan or suggestion to reduce the purchasing cost;


7. Proficient in EXCEL software and ERP system.





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