Senior Patent Engineer

Shenzhen Bachelor degree or above More than 2 years of of related patent writing and application experience 1 people



R&D Management Dept



Job Description


1. Patent asset management, providing professional services from the whole process of patent planning, application layout and authorized application;


2. Responsible for the review of patent technology innovation ideas, disclosure and application documents, and responsible for the company's global patent application and authorizating work;


3. Responsible for market development, intellectual property licensing negotiations, patent analysis and defense related to legal proceedings;


4. Responsible for the operation and management of intangible assets such as patent value assessment and license transfer.





1. Bachelor degree or above in computer, electronics or communication, master degree in law or intellectual property, English can be used as working language;


2. Have more than two years of related patent writing and application experience;


3. Patent agent qualification is preferred.





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