Process Management Supervisor

Shenzhen Bachelor degree or above At least 3 years of process management experience 1 people



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Job Description


1. Participate in the planning, design or optimization of company-level process system framework based on the company's business;


2. Organize and promote the design and optimization of the company's processes, improve the maturity of process management, and support the efficient operation of the company's various businesses;


3. Process requirements management, process execution and monitoring, process index design and the whole lifecycle period management of processes;


4. Create a process culture, promote and train standardized management concepts and methodologies such as processes and systems


5. Assist in the introduction and improvement of the process system (ERP, OA, CRM and other relevant business systems), assesse the use effect and continue to improve.





1. Bachelor degree or above, with at least 3 years of process management experience; Proficient in process management knowledge, methods and tools, with basic knowledge of project management;


2. Understand the methods and tools of business process architecture, design optimization and implementation, process execution and inspection, process performance evaluation, and be proficient in using process tools;


3. Strong communication, coordination, organization and verbal expression ability;


4. Proactive in work, strong logical analysis ability, organization and coordination ability and sense of responsibility.





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