Big Data Developer

Wuhan Bachelor degree or above A minimum of 5 years big data platform developing experience 1 people



Wuhan AOTO



Job Description


1.Responsible for the selection and optimization of big data basic platform.


2.Knowledge of data access, data cleaning, underlying reconstruction, business theme modeling, etc.


3.Responsible for the development and application of computing platform of financial big data.





1.Bachelor degree or above in computer science or related field.


2. A minimum of 5 years  big data platform developing experience.


3. Demonstrated experience in  implementing at least one large project.


4.Familiar with  details of data warehouse and data modeling, and proficiency with programming and  JAVA language; and experience with Big data tools like SQL/Hadoop/Hive/Hbase/Spark etc..


5.Experience in mass data processing or data mining in Internet industry is preferred.


6.Experience in third-party payment or financial business is preferred.





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