Process Integration Engineer

Huizhou College degree or above More than 3 years experience 1 people



Engineering & Technology Dept



Job Description


1. Response to Production techniques, including production guidance and follow-up, and handle production abnormal problem.


2. Followed up product introduction, new product introduction, assisted in validation, and improve technology.


3. Make SOP of products.


4. Formulate and optimize standard working hours, optimize and improve production line balance.


5. Design product process fixture requirements and make applications.


6. Analyze and handle abnormal production problems and patrol the line and guide the staff.


7. Experience with the same industry is preferred.





1. College degree or above, experience with Process Integration Engineering for more than 3 years, proficiency with the seven major skills of Industrial Engineering.


2. Able to independently make standard Setup Time, line balancing , cost analysis and etc..


3. Proficient in writing Standard Operating Procedure.


4. Have project approval and independent experience in production process improvement, efficiency improvement and cost reduction is preferred.


5. Structural analysis ability or mechanical structure design major preferred.


6. Knowledge of  mechanism  , and familiar with 3D software such as CAD, PROE or UG to view drawings.





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