Quality Engineer

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Quality Dept



Job Description


1. Ensure the  production processes and check of finished products.


2. Ensure quality of  newly developed products.


3. Handle customer complaints


4. Process quality data.


5. Implement and follow up corrective and preventive measures.


6. Familiar with electronic materials preferred.





1. Familiar with the company's technological process and inspection standards, quality focus and material use standards, and able to independently complete the production of products.


2. Familiar with the use of various testing tools.


3. Proficient in the company's products and  the  application of production technology.


4. Familiar with common quality tools, such as FMEA,SPC,MSA,8D,QC7.


5. Able to develop inspection procedures and standards and independently analyze and handle manufacturing process problems and customer complaints.


6. Master the  state's quality standards  and new methods, technologies and knowledge of quality inspection and quality control at home and abroad.


7. Demonstrated skills with independent thinking and analysis and  proficiency with computer operation.





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