Production Engineer

Nanjing Bachelor degree or above No limit 1 people



Marketing Dept



Job Description


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Computer, Electronics, etc.


2. Strong skills in writing and product marketing planning, and careful, earnest and responsible in work.


3. Proficiency with intelligent self-service equipment and display equipment and familiar with computer skills and office software such as WORD, EXCEL and PPT.


4. Experience in designing LED/LCD/display product hardware and software system or releted products.


5. Strong skills of communication, coordination, quick learning innovation and teamwork.


6. Willing to short- and medium-term business trips.





1. Responsible for writing the hardware technical scheme of the project, 
including hardware technical parameters and other contents.


2. Responsible for product market research (competitive products, new products), new technology/product selection research.


3. Independently complete product PRD and product specification.


4. Connection with project manager, and grasp the overall  progress of project/product development and implementation.


5. Work with the operation team to improve the overall operation of the project.





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