Android Development Engineer

Nanjing No limit At least 2 years experience in Android application development 3 people



R&D Dept, System Integration Dept



Job Description


1. Complete software coding and unit testing on time according to the project plan.


2. Compile design documents of corresponding modules according to the development process


3. Complie technical documents according to technical specifications.





1. Experience with  2 +years of  in Android application development, skilled in using Android StudioGit Eclipse and other relevant development tools.


2. Familiar with Android SDK, memory management mechanism and optimization.


3. Familiar with Android framework and various features, proficient in using common UI components of Android and understanding its internal principles and basic interactive knowledge.


4. Good analytical and problem-solving skills, able to undertake tasks independently, conscientious and responsible in work;  responsible, have good communication and coordination,  experience with mixed application development and architecture design preferred.





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