Java Development Eengineer

Nanjing Bachelor degree or above More than 4 years of Web development experience in Java language or Net development experience 2 people



R&D Dept, System Integration Dept



Job Description


1. Participat in the design of system architecture, responsible for the development and tuning of core modules; Solving difficult problems.


2. Complete software coding and unit testing on time according to the  project plan.


3. Compile design documents of corresponding modules according to the development process


4. Complie technical documents according to technical specifications.


5. Capable of independently analyzing and solving problems, and able to guide the development team.





1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science, with more than 4 years' experience in development.


2. Proficient in Web programming; more than 4 years of Web development experience in Java language or Net development experience; proficient in mainstream Web development frameworks, such as Servlet, SpringMvc, MyBatis, etc.


3. Familiar with IO, multi-threading and high concurrency processing, as well as distributed, cache, message, search and other mechanisms.


4. Familiar with JQuery, bootstrap,EasyUI and other javascript open source frameworks.


5. Proficient in at least one mainstream database, Oracle preferred.


6. Experience with 2+ medium or large project development .




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