Front-end Engineer

Nanjing Bachelor degree or above At least two years of web front-end development experience 2 people



System Integration Dept



Job Description


1. Responsible for WEB front-end technical architecture planning, design and development of the products  and design their own platform JS framework standards.


2. Responsible for application HLML/CSS/Ajax/Javascript/HTML/CSS 3 / Jquery and related technologies to realize the visual effect and interaction experience.


3. Deal with browser (Chrome /Mozilla/IE) compatibility issues and solve technical problems.





1. Bachelor degree or above, and with at least two years of web front-end development experience.


2. Proficient in w3c standards and specifications, html5,css3, bootstrap, native js, jquery and other front-end technologies.


3. Proficient in vue,angularjs,react and other front-end frameworks, and develope at least 2 projects with frameworks above (better with vue);
Knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of framework, familiar with the http protocol; understanding of front-end performance, modular development.





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