Structural Engineer(Nanjing)

Nanjing No limit No limit 1 people



R&D  Dept



Job Description


1. Responsible for the structural design and development of  non-standard products


2. Responsible for the output of technical documents of non-standard products of the department, and prepare BOM of structural parts


3. Assist the department manager to control the product cost to meet the product control target


4. Check and accept the structure of sample prototype (mold), and confirm product structure and seal sample to meet the requirements of mass production


5. Cooperate with relevant departments of the company to solve major technical problems of production process and market complaints (structural part)


6. Responsible for the preparation and review of the structure schem of department's non-standard product and fo the feasibility assessment





1. Proficient in using Auto CAD, Pro/E, Coreldraw and other application software (must be able to use Pro/E)


2. Experience with the development and design of chassis and cabinets;Has concept batch product line production design 


3. Be familiar with sheet metal structure, various materials, processing technology and surface treatment


4. Good communication skills, rigorous working attitude and team spirit





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