Electronic Engineer

Shenzhen Bachelor degree or above At least 3 years of relevant working experience 1 people



Research and Development Dept



Job Description


1. Electronic schematic diagram and PCB design of products, and electronic BOM preparation;


2. Electronic components selecting of products, and product's EMC rectification;


3. Production follow-up and electronic technical problem handling;


4. Prototype sample making, debugging, technical document writing, cost accounting of electronic part of products.





1. Male, 24-35 years old, bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, with at least 3 years of relevant working experience;


2. Proficient in using electronic EDA design software like Autium designer or PROTEL 99SE or OrCAD Capture; able to independently use instruments and meters to complete hardware debugging; proficient in digital electronic circuit combination logic and sequence design;


3. Have PCB design experience of more than four layers, familiar with common digital integrated circuit IC, familiar with common serial communication procedures;


4. Strong theoretical foundation of electronics and electricians, strong communication and coordination ability, able to guide technical personnel to design qualified PCB and guide PCBA debugging;


5. Familiar with working characteristics of LED and switching power supply;


6. Familiar with safety design requirements and EMC design requirements;


7. Steadfast in work and good teamwork spirit. Applicantcs from LED display screen industry are preferred.





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