AOTO Micro LED Stunning Unveil at ISE2020

ISE 2020, the world's biggest audiovisual and systems integration show, has been hosted at Amsterdam from 11th to 14th, Feb 2020. Due to the spreading and outbreak of China Coronavirus, several companies cancelled this year's exhibition plan. However, on the premise of ensuring the health of the participants, AOTO still attends the show as promised, bringing a series of ' black technology.’


At this time, AOTO exhibits focus on the field of commercial LED display, ranging from conference room, e-sport, high-end retail, rental solution to sports, which highlight AOTO innovation breakthrough and strong R&D capability.


Micro LED

With The tendency of the immersion of micro displays, the smaller pixel pitch and stronger technology become the critical factor of occupying the market in the LED display industry. At the show, AOTO Micro LED debut at the first time, this impresses the on-site audiences a lot. 


'The pixel pitch of AOTO Micro LED is only 0.4mm, it is greater in high contrast & resolution and energy-saving,' explained from AOTO product director Mike Liu, ' definitely, AOTO Micro LED would be a significant breakthrough in LED industry.'

New Names for AOTO System Solutions

Based on the unique features and specialization of different solutions, the ancient Greek myths were considered by the company. AOTO independently developed 64K controller, also called ' Pantheon ', located at the center of the stand. According to the Greek, Pantheon is a place to worship of Greek gods. This name was adopted to stress that all AOTO solutions rely on its exclusively developed controllers. As the biggest controller in the industry, only one 64K controller can carry multiple 2K&4K LED displays and applied to the command center with the advantages of sizable carrying area, rich video interface, and flexible configuration.


The new rental solutions ' Pegasus ' and ' Artemis ' also make people's eyes light up with delight. Carrying the meaning of the God of hope in Greek mythology, 'Pegasus' is the new name of the AOTO wireless Mini 1.5 mm system solution. Taking the Mini 1.5mm as the main body, the wireless can be realized through AI new technology. The flexibility and 8000:1 high contrast can satisfy various design inspiration needs. Just like the name of moon Goddess ' Artemis ', AOTO Mini LED 0.9mm is extremely light. It can reach fast on-site installation by its automatic technology configuration. Furthermore, more names of ancient Greek gods are used to present AOTO's strong R&D and marketing input from multiple angles and forms. For instance, the e-sport solution is called 'Ares', the God of war. The ' Veil ' is the transparent screen solution, and ' Muse ' is applied to emphasize the flexibility and beauty of arc screen solution.



2nd Generation of the Outdoor Products

The brand new E series product is the 2nd generation of AOTO outdoor product. Compared with the previous outdoor product, E series can satisfy different needs as it is flexible in pixel pitch, including 2.5mm, 4mm, 5.8mm, 8mm, etc. More importantly, E series is lighter and brighter, the EMC CLASS B function guarantees the product safety and stability.


ISE exhibition will be officially hosted in Barcelona next year. The previous ISE show in Amsterdam witnessed the continuous technological breakthrough and innovation of AOTO. At the next step, AOTO will actively overcome the side effect of the Coronavirus and create higher value.