TV Studio

With leading technology ,excellent product quality,high contrast ratio and high refresh rate, AOTO provides specialized ultra-HD fine pixel pitch solution for TV studios, which solves the problems of LCD and DLP products and brings high quality images and comfortable environment.

Professional LED display
solution supplier

As the world leading LED display solution supplier, AOTO can provide total solution with self-developed software,self own factory and high quality after-sales service, meeting the requirements of customers.

High stability and prefect image

Through HDR technology, precise calibration and 24 bit color processing depth, AOTO provides the most precise and perfect images. Double backup system can guarantee stable and constant operation.

Wide viewing angle and Moire reducing

The wide viewing angle and Moire reducing technology of AOTO TV studio solution meet the shooting demands from different directions.

Low maintenance cost

In compliance with 3C,CE and RoHS standard, AOTO can help to save time money and other maintenance cost, providing high quality service.

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