Sports Venue

Based on the world-leading core technologies and the precise study of client’s requirements, AOTO offers professional solution for advertising and publishing information to sport events, including perimeter LED display, LED video wall, center-hung LED display and LED ribbon display. With high refresh rate, stable and reliable system, AOTO products give unique experience for fans and athletes to enjoy a memorable event.

FIFA and UEFA Standard

As a strategic partner of world’s top sport events organization, AOTO LED display has been extensively used for international sport events. Since 2008, AOTO undertakes nearly all top-level events of FIFA & UEFA.

Virtual Overlay LED
Display (SP Series)

“One screen, multiply display, with real-time broadcasting” means that different regional audiences will see different advertising content on the same displays at the same time on their televisions.

Safe Design

Double backup of power and data.
EMC certification.
Human-oriented design.

Superior Image Quality

Over 16,000Hz refresh rate makes live broadcast fluent. Up to 20 bit color processing depth brings true-to-life showing image.

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System Diagram
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